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Cooked Meat Flavors

Roastin'™ 9073 - Rich roasted chicken note with roasted skin notes.

Roastin'™ 1013 - Rich, meaty chicken notes. Mildly roasted. Noticeable fatty, chicken skin notes.

Roastin'™ 2002 - Roast turkey flavor that provides a rich meaty turkey note with a roasted skin flavor.

Roastin'™ 3123 - Slow roasted pork flavor with savory meat and slight brown notes.

Fried Flavor 4062 - Provides a high heat seared protein note similar to cooking in a wok or a cast iron pan.

Prime Rib Beef Fl WONF 6151 - Provides a rich and savory, roast prime rib flavor. Slightly seared. Somewhat fatty. Succulent and bloody.

Seared Beef RA07082 - Savory, caramelized beef flavor as if the beef was quickly seared over intense heat.

Vegetarian Meat Flavors

Fried Poultry 6093 - Golden, brown oil with fried poultry flavor and aroma.

Roasted Beef Flavor RA07032 - Savory, roasted beef notes associated with slow cooked beef.

Nat RA07129 - Lightly roasted, fatty, vegetarian meat flavor.

Nat Fl Hickory Smoky Ham Type RA07130 - A vegetarian product with the flavor characteristics associated with hickory smoked ham.

Nat Fl Bacon Type RA07030 - Lends a fatty bacon flavor.

Nat Fl Smoky Bacon Type RA07048 - More complex bacon flavor with a hickory smoke flavor.

Cooked Vegetable Flavors

Nat Sautèed Onion Fl WONF 6161-OS - Lends a lightly browned onion character with sweet top notes and finishing as a pronounced onion flavor.

Nat Caramelized Onion Fl WONF 6147-OS - Lightly browned onion character with a sweet top note.

Caramelized Onion Fl WONF RA10029-OS - Allergen-free version of 6147.

Nat Toasted Garlic Fl WONF 6146-OS - Earthy, hearty, browned garlic note that emulates the clove being toasted.

Nat Fried Garlic Fl WONF 6160-OS - Flavor and aroma consistent with fried or sautèed garlic. Not as earthy as 6146.

Nat Chipotle Fl WONF RA07132-OS - Provides a slow smoked chili pepper note.

Fire Roasted Flavor 5138 - Starts with a light, sometimes sweet, roasted note. Builds to a charred note. Ashy finish.

Char Flavor 4007 - Provides a heavily seared, charred note.

Flavor Enhancer

Nat Enhancer Fl 6145 - Enhances savory flavors and provides a rich rounded effect while reducing salt levels.