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Try Red Arrow natural grill flavors for a distinct flavor that imparts a delicous BBQ grill taste to:

•Frozen Meals

Used by thousands of manufacturers around the world, Grillin' flavors enhance fatty notes, impart a natural outdoor grill flavor and help to cover off-flavors of starches, soy-proteins and frozen foods.

Grillin' flavors from Red Arrow add 100% grill taste to food and meat products. All Grillin' flavors are GMO free. We also offer the SF and GF versions which are Non-GMO.

Oil Based Grill Flavors

Grillin’ 5078 - Traditional Grill Flavor in GMO Free Form
Grillin’ CB-100 and CB-100SF (Sunflower)
Grillin’ CB-200 and CB-200SF (Sunflower)
Grillin’ CN - Smoke and Grill Blend
Grilled Butter RA07063

Water Soluble Grill Flavor

Grillin’ WS-50 & WS-50SF

Dry Grill Flavor

Grillin’ GB - Smoke and Grill Blend

Grillin’ GC - Hardwood Smoke and Grill Blend

Grillin’ RA13037 - Traditional Grill Flavor in a GMO Free Form

Grillin’ SD10 and SD-10GF

Grill Scrapings Flavor 1051GF

Grillin’ 2055 and 3053 - Charcoal Grill Note

Grillin’ 3055 - Wood Fired Grill Note

Natural Hardwood Smoked Sugar - Provides excellent smoke flavor with a clean label, can be labeled as Natural Hardwood Smoked Sugar

Natural Mesquite Smoked Sugar - A perfect way to get a deep smoky note with a clean label

Natural Hardwood Smoked Maltodextrin - A dry Natural hardwood smoke with a clean label

Natural Mesquite Smoked Maltodextrin - Natural Mesquite smoke in a dry form for a clean label