An efficient method for creating consistent surface smoke color.
Key Benefits:
  • Uniform absorption of CleanSmoke flavor and color
  • Eliminates smoke application step, as it occurs during the stuffing and cooking process
  • Environmentally friendly with minimal clean-up and virtually no emissions
  • Smoke-coated plastic casing minimizes risk of post-process contamination
  • Saves time, energy and water

Products for Coated Casings
Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Pareve Halal EU Approved
SmokEz Classic 5100 Good browning and traditional smoke flavor 0.10 % Aqueous Yes Yes Yes Yes
SmokEz Applewood 2502 Provides a sweet, ashy smoke profile with high color. 0.20% Aqueous Yes Yes Yes No
SmokEz Cherrywood 2514 Cherrywood smoke with robust smoke notes 0.20% Aqueous Yes Yes Yes No