Red Arrow’s roast, grill, meaty and smoke flavors can add flavor magic to value cuts of beef. Ground beef moves to the next level with our luscious, fatty Prime Rib flavor. A sirloin becomes tops with our Beef Tallow or Seared Beef flavors. Use our authentic beef cooking method flavors to create a taste unique to your brand or a taste as familiar as Grandma’s Sunday pot roast. Utilize undervalued cuts by adding flavor and incorporating these into a dining experience, where before these cuts would not have been considered.

Beef Products
Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Pareve Halal EU Approved
Seared Beef FL WONF RA07082 Delectable, caramelized, beef flavor mimicking beef that has been quickly seared over intense heat. 0.50% Dry No No No Yes
Roast Beef Type FL RA07032 Savory, slow-roasted, browned beef notes. 0.50% Dry Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prime Rib Beef FL WONF 6151 Meaty, juicy, rich, medium-rare, aged prime rib. Capturing the succulent characters of prime rib. 0.50% Dry No No No Yes
Beef Drippings FL WONF RA18025 (30741500) Decadent beef flavor is deeply roasted with notes of charred and seared. Rich succulent fattiness, mouth-watering. 0.30% Dry No No No Yes