A certain romance happens when food is cooked over an open flame. Red Arrow captures that flavor profile to recreate cherished savory experiences without an actual fire. From a kettle grill to a gas grill to an open campfire, we understand the distinctions unique to each method of grilling and to the protein being grilled. We can incorporate smoky, ashy, chargrill, scorch, seared, flame-kissed and other nuances to produce the most authentic grill flavors possible. Our extensive knowledge of the intricacies of grilling allows us to offer a comprehensive line as well as custom capabilities to match your vision for a specific grilling flavor profile.

Product Description Use Level Form Vegetarian Kosher Pareve Halal EU Approved
Spit Roasted Chicken FL RA17023 A smoky, char and searing effect that is reminiscent of cooking directly over the heat source. Deep roast and succulent, mouth-watering fatty flavor attenuations. 0.50% Dry No No No Yes
Woodfired FL WONF RA18006 (30737209) Non GMO version of Nat Wood Fired FL WONF RA12044. Distinctively soft smokiness with subtle charred/seared notes as if cooked over a northern hardwood campfire. 0.50% Dry Yes Yes No Yes
Outdoor Grilled Chicken RA17032 Charred marks from a hot grill are the foundation and the flavor builds with a medium smoke. Notes of sear round out the profile. 0.50% Dry Yes Yes No No
Wood Fired Brick Oven RA17029 Delightfully smooth smoky impression, followed by distinct flame kissed and roasted note, finishing with a surprisingly mellow sweetness. 0.30% Dry Yes Yes Yes Yes