Roasting evokes memories of slow-cooked chicken, pork, beef and veggies. As contemporary methods of cooking use steam, sous vide, and cook-in-bag technology, roasted notes are not able to form. These new processing technologies offer consumer and processor advantages but sacrifice on traditional cooking flavor. Therefore, natural flavors play a huge role in developing and creating the flavorful goodness experienced with slow cooking and more conventional processing.

Red Arrow’s authentic roast flavors have created an optimal way to capture this classic cooking style and capitalize on consumers’ fondness for authentic roasted foods.

Products for Roasting
Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Pareve Halal EU Approved
Roast FL RA09030-OS Savory, mouthwatering, light, roast profile with no specific meat profile. 0.50% Oil Yes Yes Yes Yes
Roast Beef Type FL RA07032 Savory, slow-roasted, browned beef notes. 0.50% Dry Yes Yes Yes Yes
Prime Rib Beef FL WONF 6151 Meaty, juicy, rich, medium-rare, aged prime rib. Capturing the succulent characters of prime rib. 0.50% Dry No No No Yes
Roastin’ 1013 Rich, roasted chicken note with a dark meat perception emulating Dutch oven roasted chicken. 0.50% Oil No No No Yes
Roastin’ 2002 Roast turkey flavor that provides a rich, meaty turkey note with a more subtle lightly-roasted turkey skin flavor. 0.50% Oil No No No Yes
Roastin’ 9073 Roasted chicken skin flavor with upfront brown skin notes with background savory chicken. 0.50% Oil No No No Yes
Chicken Skin FL WONF RA08090-OS Savory, fatty, chicken-skin flavor with a slight roasted note in the background. 0.50% Oil No No No Yes
Dark Roast Chicken Skin Type FL RA08061 Heavily-roasted, savory, dark meat and chicken skin notes with a noticeable fatty perception. 0.50% Dry Yes Yes Yes No
Roast Flavor RA07129 Savory, lightly-roasted pork flavor with top notes of caramelized pan drippings. 0.50% Dry Yes Yes No Yes