Healthy eating is always on trend. Eating well becomes easier when authentic Cooking Method Flavors are applied to vegetables. Sautéed, fried, caramelized and roasted notes are achievable and economical with Red Arrow’s flavors.

Vegetable Products
Product Description Usage Rate Form Vegetarian Kosher Pareve Halal EU Approved
Sauteed Onion FL WONF 6161-OS Lightly-browned, softened onion character with sweet top notes and finishing as a pronounced onion flavor. 0.25% Oil Yes Yes Yes Yes
Caramelized Onion FL WONF 6147-OS Heavily browned, sweet, onion flavor with a toasted top note and a sweet finish. 0.25% Oil No No No Yes
Fried Garlic FL WONF 6160-OS Freshly-fried, high heat, crispy, garlic flavor with a complex finish and slightly fresh garlic note. 0.25% Oil Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toasted Garlic FL WONF 6146-OS Hearty, well-browned, mellow, nutty, garlic note redolent of garlic cloves toasted under direct heat. 0.10% Oil Yes Yes No Yes
Fried Potato Type FL  6158-OS High-heat, fried note balanced with soft, earthy, potato note characteristic of chips or French fries. 0.25% Oil Yes Yes Yes Yes
Enhancer FL 6145 Mouthwatering, all-natural umami bedrock flavor similar to MSG or HVP that enhances a variety of flavors. 0.10% Dry Yes Yes Yes Yes