For three years, Team Captain Dave Salm, Executive Chef of Al Corso Restaurant, in Collins, Wisconsin, along side his wife and business partner, Alexandria, was our award winning leader in the KCBS competition world.  Chef Salm was a graduate of the Fox Valley Technical College Culinary Program in Appleton. His professional career began at his parent’s family restaurant. His passion of learning new ways to use fresh, quality ingredients continued throughout his life until his untimely passing in 2020. Salm’s inspiration came from reading and participating in workshops with chefs that were paving the way for innovation in the culinary and barbeque industry. His cooking style was rooted in the French tradition with contemporary appeal for his guests. Chef Salm’s knowledge and experience gave him the opportunity to bring dining to a new level. Salm was honored to be included as one of the Best Chefs in America for the second consecutive year in 2014. He was selected by his peers as a Best Chef following extensive interviews with chefs across the country. “I am thrilled to be chosen by my peers and included in Best Chefs America,” stated Salm.  “This recognition is truly an honor and gives me yet another reason to be appreciative of my fellow professionals and chosen profession.” Dave consistently placed in the top 10 throughout the country in KCBS competitions with Red Arrow Smoke. Red Arrow has countless awards and trophies now thanks to Dave and his culinary expertise. His family stated, “He was a talented and humble chef, but he always cared more about the people in everything he did.” We will miss Dave’s knowledge, determination, partnership and most of all, his friendly smile. We are forever grateful to Dave for helping put Red Arrow’s name on the map in the KCBS world and making our name synonymous with a quality product.