A new high quality Single Nozzle is now launched!

To also continue to optimize the use of single nozzles, TARBER AB has developed TG-17 with the same quality and functionality as TG-18!

Special nozzles are manufactured due to TARBER specifications.

Every batch delivered is tested to ensure that all nozzles fulfill these specifications. Every single nozzle has it's individual ID. All this is essential for making it possible to regenerate an authentic smoke cloud! TARBER AB designed their own nozzle bodies holding the selected nozzles to ensure an even, high quality result, each and every smoking.
A robust, adjustable nozzle holder is constructed by TARBER to make installation easy, flexible and secure.

Quality in Detail

The composition of a regenerated smoke cloud is the most important aspect of duplicating the traditional smoking process to achieve similar taste and colour.

Studies were made in cooperation with a leading European research institute in order to determine the precise combination of gas phase and particle size found in traditionally generated smoke, and to establish the optimum conditions to regenerate a true genuine smoke from a smoke condensate.

Tarber Smoke Master reproduces these conditions to create an authentic smoke cloud.

Test equipment to test and approve
each individual nozzle.