Safe, secure products for smoking with regenerated smoke. Under the EC Regulation 2065/2003, there is a decision on establishing an EU-approved list of primary products for smoking food. These should be assessed before being placed on the market or used in – or on – food in EU countries. Two of these approved products are manufactured by Red Arrow. To obtain additional primary products approved may take several years and is currently not an issue. All Red Arrow’s smoke condensates and smoke aromas are based on these two primary products. Red Arrow is the only company authorized to use the maximum dosage for the replacement of traditionally generated smoke. This means for our meat producers simply: good, consistent results and high industrial standard. Red Arrows high-quality smoke condensates is the result of several years of product development and awareness of the industry’s high demands. They are all approved by EFSA. TARBER AB and Red Arrow are continuing to define the level for the highest standards in the smoking industry in the world.
Quality in Detail
Special nozzles have been selected and calibrated to make it possible to regenerate an authentic smoke cloud. Tarber AB designed their own nozzle bodies holding the selected nozzles to ensure an even, high quality result, each and every smoking. Special nozzles have been selected and calibrated. With our own test equipment, developed by Tarber, we can test and approve each individual nozzle according to Tarber’s special demands.