Red Arrow’s Condensed Natural Smoke is a refined smoke condensate that helps you add a smoke savory flavor to a variety of foods. Created from a proprietary process using only wood, heat, water and filtration, it’s 100% natural and completely chemical-free. The process begins with sawdust obtained as a lumber by-product. The sawdust is carefully dried to optimal moisture levels, thereby allowing us to achieve the greatest efficiencies in terms of energy use and raw material consumption. Instead of fossil fuels, we burn the tar and charcoal filtered out during the production of Condensed Natural Smoke, turning would-be landfill components into a safe, environmentally friendly, energy-saving fuel. Water is sprayed into the smoke that is generated. The healthy and flavorful parts of the smoke are water-soluble, whereas the unhealthy carcinogens are not. The undesirable components settle out of the smoke, yielding only the natural, flavor-rich smoke elements in a liquid form. Finally, five phases of separation and filtration and six stringent quality control steps ensure that our Condensed Natural Smoke delivers the best possible quality, color and flavor.


Red Arrow has created a smoke lexicon that define a smoke’s character, captured on our flavor maps. For your reference, these maps are available for products mentioned in the CleanSmoke section.